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Website Hosting

Domain Names "What's in a name?"

So, you think your ready to take the plunge. You've heard that there's money to made on the web and you'd like to start a home based business. Here are a few questions you need to answer....

1) Does your Internet Service Provider offer free webspace and if so are you currently using it and are you happy with it?
2) Does it allow the room for expansion, the addition of
scripts such as web-boards, search engines, banner ads?
3) Is it a memorable name? Are you getting high rankings on
the search engines?
4) Are you going to stay with that ISP for the rest of your
life? If not, how will people find your new site?

The truth of the matter is that free websites (see list below) may be all right when you decide to test the waters concerning promoting your first site and can't afford to dish out cash for a domain name and a commercial site. However, when the business begins to take off you'll want to place your site on a commercial server and register your domain name. A domain name is almost a must in order to strike it rich on the net. A domain name gives your site credibility and instant recognition and respect. By carefully selecting your name it can also be memorable, look at Microsoft, Pepsi, IBM and Yahoo. They all can be easily found when looking for them on the net just by typing in their name and .com.

If you don't think there is an advantage to having your own domain name try getting your site indexed on Yahoo or any of the major Search engines for that matter. Just by switching to your own name could get you indexed almost immediately.

There is little else you can do on the net that will help sell your site like getting your own domain name. In order to get a domain name you will first need to get a commercial site to host your site. There are several to choose from and one of the best in our opinion is Virtualis.

All Virtualis hosting packages come with superb extras such as 24hr online technical support by email or phone (which comes in handy at
4am on a Sunday!), your own domain name (www.yourcompany.com),
15 Mb of space, email, fast servers and free upgrades starting
from as little as $36/mo. For the quality of hosting and
services provided this is excellent value, but you should also
consider it an investment in your future. In the months to
come, the customer loyalty and respect of a domain name means
it will pay for itself many times over, just as ours has. In order to find out more information about virtualis or to get setup in 24 hours (guaranteed!)

Free Web Site Hosting

For those that are just starting out and are not sure if the net is right for them and would just like to test the waters, here is a complete list of FREE web hosting sites.

Angelfire Provides 5 megs of web space. They also use pop-up ads but do provide alot of good tips to get your website up and running.

Basic Ministries Provides 5 megs of web space.

CONK!World Provides 1 meg of web space. They do not require any advertising.

Cross Winds Provides unlimted web space, great site for a large website.

Escalix Free Homepage Provides 5mb of free web space, a home page/file manager to keep you organized, and resources to help you build your site.

Fortune City Provides 20 megs of web space. They require a banner on your homepage.

Free Nation Provides 7 megs of web space, a chatroom, guestbooks, counters along with a whole lot of other things.

Free HP This free website provides 5 megs of web space and they will feature a member on their homepage.

Free Sites Network Provides 20 megs of web space.They place banners on your pages but you can add your own too.

Free Yellow Provides 12 megs of web space, a gallery of graphics to chose from, free counter and more.

Geocities Provides 11 megs of web space. They are one of the most popular free website services, however they use annoying pop-up ads.

Howdy Neighbor Provides 2 megs of web space and do not allow paid advertising on your site.

Lombardia A mini webpage is automatically created just by filling out a form on the main page. No knowledge of HTML is required.

NedHosting Provides one megabyte of web space, with atleast 500 hits a day, you can get more. They also place banners at the top of each page. You can also put up other types of banners though.

Patricia Enterprises Provides 2 megs of web space and a few features such as a guestbook. They do allow paid advertising.

ProHosting Provides 10 megs of web space, a pop3 e-mail account, ftp program, and cgi access.

The Globe Provides 6 megs of web space. They also offer e-mail and a chatroom.

The Ice Storm Network Provides 3 megs of web space, fast 24-hour online web editing and uploading, free technical support, and most importantly, no ads!

Tripod Provides 11 megs of web space but also uses pop up ads.

Web International Provides an automatic page generator but only allow Personal homepages.

Web Spawner No knowlege of HTML is required and you can create your page in just a few minutes.

 Xoom Provides 11 megs of web space. They do not use popup ads or banners and only require a small button link.

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