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Insider Internet Marketing
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Insider Internet Marketing

Are you serious about your online marketing?...
>>> Have you read THIS book yet?

Q: What makes the difference between the "internet success stories," and the "obscure web marketers?"

A: "Insider Internet Marketing" by JDD Publishing!

And it's unlike anything you've ever seen...

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If you ever wondered exactly what it takes to see Real Profits on the internet, this book is the answer...


I'll cut right to the chase...
This is a "down and dirty", "tell all" publication, straight
from the mouth of a well known internet marketing insider.
Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing has exposed EVERY revealing
marketing strategy, method, secret, resource, tool, and trick
that he (as well as other prominent net marketers) have
employed to explode online profits.


Why not?

Because learning everything it takes to market like the insiders
takes more time than any normal human being can spare. The small
number of companies actually making a profit, know this all too
well. That's why this knowledge has been jealously guarded.


Whether you are a budding netrepreneur or would just like to be,
the following brief overview of "Insider Internet Marketing"
should really get your juices flowing...

(If you've ever considered buying ONE product or service pertaining
to internet marketing, this is the information it should contain.)

o Introduction: All facts. No theory. Why you won't find this stuff
in your college studies!

o "The Great Equalizer" - The golden key that allows a low budget
company to compete with the big players!

o "Please. Copy our model for success." Take these proven steps to
market YOUR business online. Learn why JDD Publishing has been
featured in Opportunity magazine and PC Novice's Guide to Building
Web Sites - after less than a year online. (In July 97' they showed up
again -- this time in Inc. Magazine's 301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing
Ideas, as one of the country's most innovative small businesses!)

o Low budget (and NO budget) techniques including how to "correctly"
harness the power of direct email. (Forget the spam, here's the
meat & potatoes!)

o It's no secret that many successful online businesses are utilizing
low cost and Very effective ezine advertising. For the first time,
JDD Publishing is revealing their personal list. This comprehensive
directory contains 50 (that's Fifty!) Power Marketing Ezines that
the true moneymakers rely on! QUOTE: "I'll admit it pains me a
little to cough up these powerful resources." -Jim Daniels of JDD

o Learn how to design your own web site and save literally THOUSANDS
of dollars. (WITHOUT making the common mistakes that end up costing
you BIG money.)

o Learn why your web success depends on the 10 keys to building a
marketing friendly web site - a site that you can be proud of!
(These detailed steps are a must!)

o A fast and easy way to find the best place to host your site without
paying through the nose! Along with 66 other key web resources - the
very resources the net insiders rely on!

o How to avoid the single biggest mistake made by "almost made it

o Is your web site traffic slow and getting slower? Use this proven
9-step plan that brings traffic to your site and keeps them coming

o How to start up and publish your own email newsletter - including
how to get your first 500 subscribers to contact YOU! (You've
probably heard of JDD Publishing's BizWeb Gazette. Now you can
learn exactly how to copy this model of super success!)

o Learn the details of how each of the major search engines work and
exactly how to get a favorable listing at each.

o The REAL TRUTH about the search engine "secrets" that others sell
for $20 to $50 online. Here's what Really Works and what can
get you penalized or even dumped!

o How to create a "Traffic Funnel" to your web site. This method
ALONE can multiply your site traffic TEN FOLD - without spending
one red cent!)

o What your html should look like if you want preferred placement
in the most popular search engines. (Including real examples of
the actual code that keeps JDD Publishing in the top 5 of several
of the major search engines!)

o What the future holds for internet marketers and which "business
"opportunities" will pay off BIG for some very average people.

As you can see, "Insider Internet Marketing" by JDD Publishing is
NOT your ordinary publication. Is was designed for newcomers and
internet marketing veterans alike.

No matter what product, service, or opportunity you are currently
promoting, the information revealed in this book is GUARANTEED to
increase your online (and offline) profits!


You've probably seen others selling information that is not nearly
as comprehensive, for upwards of $50, $100, and $125 - for an email
report. Why? Because people are paying it. Now you don't have to.

"Insider Internet Marketing" is priced at a fraction of what it
should be...

Just $23.95 plus $4 S&H! A total of $27.95 to change the path of
your internet marketing campaign!

So, before you "settle" for a mere fraction of what you SHOULD be
making online, consider taking me up on this opportunity. "Insider
Internet Marketing" will inject new life into your online marketing
campaign. (If you're new to online marketing, that's even better -
you'll blow right by the other newbies!)

How do I know this book is any good? Because it's working for me!
"Insider Internet Marketing" was just what I needed to unlock my
online profit potential, and it will work for you too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. For information on
how to order, see below.

Rick Gray


To order from our secure server, have your check, Visa, or
Mastercard ready and go to

Internet Marketing Center

Corey Rudl is a person I personally have come to respect as he has many
very successful online businesses. In fact, one of his most popular
successes is the book "Car Secrets Revealed"... with his unique
promotional techniques online, he has made it the #1 best selling
car book on the internet... all within a few months! He specialized
in very unique and powerful internet marketing ideas and techniques.

If you are considering starting a business on the internet or
already own one, you want to view his web site... Corey really
knows what he is talking about. He has made a fortune online and he
has just developed a new website that REVEALS all his tips, tricks
and techniques for starting a business on the internet and making
a fortune.

He discusses everything you would ever want to know about starting a
business online... or if you already have a business online, he
reveals exactly how to promote it to make a fortune on the internet.

His website is:


Check it out, there are lots of information and tips. You will be
very impressed. I cannot recommend it higher... this guy is a
"real" example of someone that makes hundreds of thousands of
dollars on the internet... so listen to what he has to say
carefully, he knows what he is talking about (one of the very
few on the internet!).

Warriors of Internet Marketing

Sex Sites Are Not The Only Ones That Can
Pull In $1,000 to $5000 a Week Using The
Power Of Instant Access!

Most of the people on the net that want to make money DO NOT want to go through
the effort of creating their own product. They are more than happy to make money
from other people's programs that are already set up.

Now...let's say you've got it all set up...how does it grow on it's own?

Again, very simple. As people come to order from other sites they will see that
you offer commissions if they will put your banner on their site. I really had no
idea exactly how many would take me up on it when I decided to do this. However, I
was shocked to discover a never ending supply of people wanting to make money like
this with their sites.

My own site has continued to grow exactly like I've told you here. As of now I
have over 8000 Warrior members. I have room for 100,000 more and I will get them!
I don't worry about competition. That's something else I learned, there are millions
of buyers on the net today with tons more coming on every minute.

If you really want to make money on the internet, and
don't want to become a porno king or queen to do it,
Join the Warrior Group Today!!

You will find the sources you need to get set up fast. From scripts to immediate merchant
accounts so you can accept credit cards online. You can even create your
own product. Easily put together your own hot selling report out of the information
packed into my site. Join us today...you have a full year to decide whether it was
worth it or not.

Not only that, if you don't have the time or desire to create your own product, you
have the opportunity to immediately start making money just by hosting our banners or
reports on your site or by sending our reports to those who request them from you. You
can take part in my exact strategy for making 'a little money from a lot of places' and
experience for yourself what it's like having 100 web sites working for you making you
$10 profit every time one of them sells a membership!! The true potential is unreal!!

Thank you for reading!

Allen Says
The Warriors!

 For more information and to visit the Warriors website click here!

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